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About Us – Handbag Edge Repair

A little About us, Handbag Edge Repair specializes in repairing handbag edging straps and customizing the edging. The idea to repair the handbag edging found on straps began with companies needing this type of repair from the requests of customer returns from department stores. Many bags were coming in where the strap edging was coming apart, compromising the straps. I decided to find a solution to this problem by fixing this rubber like material to restore the handbag to its original condition and avoid throwing the bags into the scrap pile. I also did some research and many women find a handbag that they love and don’t want to get rid of but after a couple of years the straps tend to wear and the bag is often thrown into a closet but many women would love to keep using their bag if they could and it’s often less expensive to repair than to buy a new one.

I’ve been repairing handbag edging now for a few years and decided to start my own repair business specializing in this type of craftsmanship after research found that there are not very many companies that will repair this strap edging or found many people attempting to do it themselves with little experience. The few companies I found will often charge upwards of $75 for this type of repair but I am able to do it for a lower cost as I am able to obtain the materials needed at a lower cost. I am also able to offer custom colors as well for your handbag to create a unique, personalized look. For some examples of bags that were recently done, please visit the Gallery page and FAQ’s for more information on specific questions you might have. Also, feel free to contact us. We will return your message within 24 hours.

Or, if you feel you would like to purchase your own DIY Toolkit and repair the edging yourself, a custom kit is available by going to the DIY Toolkit page. The cost is $19.95 per kit +Shipping. There is a step by step video as well on the DIY Toolkit page to view easy step by step instructions.

Is your Handbag Edging in need of repair or looking to change the color?

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