Repair Services

Repair Services

We currently offer two types of repair services, Edging Repair or Customized Edging.

Repair Services – Repairing the strap edging on all types of Designer Handbags

Our company specializes in repairing strap edging on all types of designer handbags. We can repair it using the same edging as the original bag to restore it to original material. You simply have to download the PDF Repair Form, fill it out and mail it in with the handbag (you pay shipping). Once received, we will give you a call or email you with a quote on your repair. If you decide not to move ahead, we will return your item and charge a $10 fee to return the item. If we are unable to do the repair, we will return the item at no additional cost. Our price quote will include shipping the item back to you. Please make sure when sending in the bag you use a service to track the item, i.e. UPS, USPS, or Fed Ex and add insurance to protect yourself if it gets lost.

Repair services for strap edging
repair services for strap - custom color

Repair Services – Customizing the Handbag Edging on all types of Designer Handbags

Our company also specializes in customizing the edging of your handbag when you choose a different color/texture than the original. Many colors and textures are available and these will allow you to have a unique look to your handbag by changing the color. The most common colors are black and brown found on most handbags BUT you can change the edging to pink, purple, metallic, etc. We ask that you contact us for color options as there are over 100 to choose from but you can view the PDF file here on our website below for color choices. Many of these would need to be ordered so will take a bit longer to complete. Click here to contact us to discuss custom options. We recently did a few handbags with custom edging and they are located in the Gallery to get an idea but details need to be discussed on the phone preferably or via email.


We will offer a 2yr warranty on your repair so if something were to happen within 2 years, then it will be repaired for free. A warranty card will be included in with your repair to contact us within 2 years and we suggest you keep this card handy.

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Download and fill out our repair form to get started!